In order to allow as many people to enjoy the book as possible, please follow these guidelines below:

  • I (Justine Andrews) will own all copyright to all text, photographs, pictures, sketches, all additional items included and all written entries in the book. By creating an entry in the book, you have acknowledged this. This is regardless of whether you are able to translate these guidelines into your own language or not.

  • I hope to get the book published for general release once it is returned to me. If you aren't happy about having what you write published, please pass the book on without an entry of your own.

  • At the back of the book is a table named 'Contributions'. Please write your name (if you wish) and page number that you have contributed to and whether or not you wish to remain anonymous. Anyone that has not ticked the 'Anonymous' box will be listed as a Contributor both within the book and on this website. Acknowledgements will be made to contributors, but I will be named as the author.

  • If someone has passed this / posted this book on to you, they have picked you because they believe that you will keep this book moving onwards. If you do not want to write in it, please just pass it onto someone that would like to.

  • Feel free to write about whatever you like whilst staying inside the guidelines which are outlined on this page. Please add photographs if you like or drawings or sketches. Perhaps write about your day, what is happening in your life, how you're feeling, what you're looking forward to, where you've been, how you got there etc. Use it as though it's a diary or somewhere to clear your mind. If you stick anything into the book, please write the relevant page number on the back of it in case it becomes unstuck.

  • Please ensure that people in photographs that you enter into the book are happy to have their photograph published before entering them. Likewise, please ask before using photographs, pictures, sketches etc that you are not the artist or owner of.

  • In order that we can maximise the numbers of people that can become part of the book, if your family wish to contribute, please create a Family Page rather than using a page each.

  • Please keep entries to one page (2 sides) per person / family. The pages are numbered at the bottom.

  • Please date the entry and if you like, you can also add your name, age and town / country. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate this by not adding your name against your submission. If you add your name to the table named 'Contributions' at the back of the book, please ensure you have also ticked the 'Anonymous' box. Please be aware that anyone that has access to the book after you have written in it will see your name, should you add it.

  • Please be aware that children may contribute to or read this book so keep language appropriate and avoid using obscenities.

  • Please try and move the book around the world where possible. If you know someone that is going away, or if you have family or friends that you don't mind sending the book to securely, please do so.

  • Please write in a language that you are comfortable with. I will have any entries translated, if necessary, once the book is back in my possession.

  • Please be aware that your entries can and will be read by many different people all around the world. Please don't write anything that may be deemed offensive about Religion, Race, Sex, Culture, Stereotypes, Ethnicity, Disability etc. Please don't write anything derogatory about others in the book.

  • Please be aware of your audience and pass the book onto people that you can trust to stick within the rules.

  • Please report anything that you may find offensive within the book by emailing me. Please do not pass the book on at this point until I have had a chance to respond to you.

  • I'd love to track the book as it travels so do email and let me know if you have seen it, made an entry in it or passed it on.

  • Please feel free to read the book as it is when you receive it. However, please do not write on anyone's page other than your own and do not comment on or make any reference to other entries in your own submission.

  • This list of guidelines is a Work in Progress. Please check back from time to time to see if there are any additions or changes.

  • Finally, please leave the final page in the book free. This is the page that my family and I will be writing on and using as our entry.

  • Many thanks to all of you that will be involved. I can't wait to read about your lives.

    Justine Andrews - May 2012